Pasture reclamation



one… blast off!

The purging power of fire has reduced a mountain of junk wood to ash.  Never fear – I didn’t want to waste a single useful piece either.  I spent hours one day sorting out the useful bits from the soft, punky, crumbling-in-place bits and set those aside before the flames hit.  What I wouldn’t give for a pack of worker bees to swoop in and clear out the ash, top with mulch, and sow some pasture seeds! Barring that option, we turn our attention briefly to other tasks while our muscles regroup.  Meanwhile, the sheep grow nervous while the pasture is eaten faster than the rains replenish it.

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  1. 1

    queenjeanne said,

    You two are never idle. How is little Munson? Hope he is thriving. Be sure to take some time for yourself.

  2. 3

    Jeanne said,

    I was hoping for a fire picture!!
    When you do get to the seeding stage, let me know. I have some lovely left over grasses and clovers from when we seeded our pasture that I’d be happy to pass on.

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