Sundays are made of wood.

The last two Sundays have found us happily engaged in the task of making wood.  Bundled up in our most sturdy, warm clothes, we take to the frosty (or disappointingly not-so) air and set about moving wood.  There’s sawing and splitting, of course, but the bulk of the task involves moving it – from this pile to that, from stack to house.  There’s work for all of us here, work we do together as a family for approximately 4.5  minutes until Isadora runs off to the hay pile to stash her treasures like a crow.  Errol seems to be more of a steadfast worker, heaving the heavy-for-him pieces over the edge of the tailgate, then hollering with all his might a triumphant “I DID IT!”  Was there a Super Bowl this past Sunday?  We hadn’t noticed.  It was good stuff, this work.  Knowing that I’ve already waxed on and on about the sublime wonder of good honest work like this, I’ll just say that all of that still holds true.  The fact that Isadora’s most intensely desired gift from Santa this past year was “work bibs like my brother, mom, and dad” is the icing on the cake.  She got those bibs, of course, and the forecast for wearing them regularly looks mighty good.

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  1. 1

    aejohnson said,

    My neighbor, who peered at the hard-workin’ B’s from her window, later told me how impressed she was with you. “That woman who got some of your wood worked harder than any man I’ve ever seen!”

    I’m not sure what that says about Andrew. 🙂

    Incidentally, i am going to set some logs aside for my yard – want a few for sittin’ on/landscaping. I’ll put them by the newly trimmed pine tree and maybe mark them somehow.

  2. 3

    Heather said,

    This brings back so many memories of my childhood hauling wood, stacking wood and watching my dad split wood.

  3. 5

    Lisa said,

    Been there done that, but not do much this winter. Only had snow a couple times. I think it is good for a family to work together.

  4. 7

    Angela said,

    We stocked our wood pile this weekend too! The Pacific Northwest was hit by severe storms in January. We took advantage of the fallen wood to stock the pile. The kids loved it.

  5. 9

    Ailsa said,

    Laura Ingalls Wilder would be proud! So many of your posts remind me of the Little House stories, which I am now reading to my [English] daughter…

    Keep up the pioneer spirit! Even if it’s with a chainsaw…


  6. 10

    Melissa Rosenkranz said,

    Mary Jo,

    Your cast-offs from your fabric pile turned into lovely mittens for my husband’s solstice present! Remember that merino undershirt you were making? He now has mits to match! Thank you!

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