Rumple Recap

When I set out to challenge myself to not buy any new fabric for a few pennies shy of a full year, it seemed BOLD and DRASTIC and DELICIOUSLY RESTRAINING and possibly IMPOSSIBLE.  A year seems such an unimaginably-large chunk of time, too big to wrap my arms (and hence my brain) around.  But, oh, if I could do it, wouldn’t the results be BOLD and DRASTIC and DELICIOUS?

Well.  Turns out a year is but a blink of the eye.  Turns out that what I was really after, with regards to the management of my studio materials and the output of said space, was the giant reconsider-every-last-bit-in-here purge that I have more recently completed.  But it is important to point out that the groundwork laid by the Challenge set the stage for a monumentally successful purge:  if I didn’t make x in the past year, when my attention was focused more keenly on what was in front of me, well, then it likely wasn’t ever going to be made by me, so why not give someone else a crack at it?

And now, as I peruse the archives for those things that I cranked out of the stash-at-hand, I’m immensely underwhelmed by the volume.  I actually didn’t make all that much.  Out of fabric.  But my garden exploded, as did my flock of sheep, their bounty of wool needing processing, and a myriad of other sewing distractions.  It’s clear that the bandwidth allotted to sewing has shrunk consistently as new, exciting ventures are added to the mix.  It is as it should be, I’m satisfied, and now my studio reflects this.  The fabric cubes have been tamed to a manageable size, making room for the introduction of wool into the studio.  There’s a lot of spinning to be done, folks.  Of wool into yarn, not straw into gold.  So with this, I hereby conclude the Rumpelstiltskin Challenge officially, though the basic tenets will stick with me indefinitely.  Use what you have.  Limit your possibilities so that you can stretch your designs further.

But enough about me.  What about you?  There is a wealth of lovely projects captured in the flickr pool.  How did the Challenge fare for you?


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    Angela said,


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    Amylynn said,

    You really inspire me with your recycled fabric. I am now looking at Goodwill as a faric store! We live outside of Washington DC and the stores here are filled with men’s dress shirts. It’s totally unreal of the loads of dress shirts. I am now cutting away and working on stashing for a new quilt for our bed! Thanks for your inspiration and Congrats!

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