The Studio is complete.

And it is glorious.

It was a major undertaking, one that required a long, contemplative absence from this space.  I’m sorry to have kept you hanging, but it had to be done.

It was a clearing out. An upheaval of the status quo. A reimagining of the function of the space.  A letting go of so, so much –  ideas long expired, remnants from former lives, baggage. I feel so free, so unencumbered.

The world is my oyster, and it is the most beautiful world I could muster within the confines of this space.  I tried to paint heavily with the brush of restraint, to avoid putting in too much, to leave room for contemplation.

There’s room now for a few precious things that stand on the merits of their beauty alone.

Other elements meld the virtues of function and beauty.  To be sure: Roy G. Biv was here.

This particular nook makes me feel like a small genius.  A comfy chair!  To sit and ponder in.  To glean a different perspective from.  To simply be in.

The fabric cubes: my single greatest achievement.  Before the Great Upheaval, their confines were spilling out all over everything.  They couldn’t even begin to contain my collection of fabric.  They were infested with the accoutrements of mice.  I estimate that I purged the equivalent of a small bus;  bags and bags and bags of thrift-bound castoffs, so many I lost count.  I put a sturdy backing on the cubes, to require mice to enter from the much-more-exposed front side.  I have begun a rigorous trapping program, sponsored by peanut butter.  So far the body count is at four, a pittance.

And I found a fantastic use for two years of past Nikki McClure calendars.  That they are so beautiful makes me want to keep them visible by not filling those cubes to the brim.  Genius.

I feel like a blank slate, made fresh and clean and ripe-near-to-bursting with possibilities.  It is a good place to be.

For tomorrow:  the long-awaited recap of the Rumpelstiltskin Challenge.  See you then!


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  1. 1

    Kianvi said,

    I seem to remember comments about kitty allergies, hence their outside existence, but they work wonders for mice issues indoors. After we moved in, we discovered our rental had mice and rat sign- not good! But we have seen nary a one, though the cats do chase things we can’t see, at odd hours, and look altogether much too pleased with themselves. 🙂 Rat terriers are good for little critters too.

  2. 4

    aejohnson said,

    i have a rat terrier mix you could borrow…for like…ever. 🙂 It looks awesome Mary Jo! I love it. I need to redo the ol’ beading area too, it’s a shambles after that show.

  3. 6

    Angela said,

    I admire your talent for creating spaces that are both practical and functional without sacrificing beauty and comfort. You are an inspiration.

  4. 7

    Amy Sue said,

    Simply lovely!!!
    LOVE the gray walls….what color is it???

    saw I today at school…she is just too sweet! Miss you guys.

  5. 8

    Miss Kristine said,

    A friend recently had great success with an exterminator’s suggestion to fill the mouse trap with a piece of Reese’s peanut butter cup. The critter was inside his semi.

  6. 9

    Heather said,

    I looks fantastic. I love all the rainbows. I sorted and purged a few years ago. I felt such relief and freedom in my creating. I am sure you will love the new space.

  7. 10

    stephanie said,

    That was pure genius with the Nikki McClure calendar. Congratulations…how inspiring.

  8. 11

    Nancy said,


  9. 12

    Kari E said,

    Love it. Looks beautiful – has me itching to go through my fabric stash and purge as well.

    p.s. el unicornio was out in full force on my desk all day – the kids loved it.

  10. 13

    Carla said,

    Amazing! I have intense studio envy! I’m leaving here very inspired to get my space in order!

  11. 14

    Kate said,

    What a beautiful space you have created. Congratulations on finishing!

  12. 15

    Beth said,

    Looks wonderful!!

  13. 16

    Lisa said,

    Simply beautiful. I really love your old cabinet. Everything looks so clean and organized. How are the baby lambs doing we just had twin kids from one of our goats the other night. Expecting more anyday. Love your room stay warm and dry. As far as mice go chihuahuas ( I cant spell it but I have one) love to catch mice. You live near a field you end up buying mouse traps goes with the territory and winter.

  14. 17

    Amanda said,

    ♥ your studio! That chippy cabinet … ohh what a wonderful thing :)!!!

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