KCWC – The Spiffiest Boy in Town

Working (mostly) all week for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, and all I have to show for it are these beastly pants and the raglan top I whipped up today.  I hate this pants pattern, with a vicious, intense hatred.  I made two valiant attempts at it – the first pair of pants to be born of it were garbage and hence have taken up residence there.  These are better, with a dozen modifications, and still they’re too big for this little guy.  It’s so hard to fit the waist and butt of a boy who switches between bulky cloth diapers and pull-ups, depending on how lazy I am.  And one of my (many) modifications inadvertently took off a bit of the rise, so there’s a perpetual plumber’s crack no matter which diaper he’s wearing.  Boo.

The shirt, though, went together with no pain whatsoever.  I’m going to make a whole shopping-cart’s-worth pile of these, because Damn!  That boy has no winter shirts at all.

Hope your sewing week was more fruitful.  Not that it’s over – two days left.  But I’m outta here and will be leaving the sewing machine behind in favor of the more portable knitting needles.

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  1. 1

    Jane said,

    I think it’s a great outfit – certainly caught my eye in the Flickr pool!

  2. 2

    anie said,

    Plumber or no plumber, those pants are darn cute!! And the shirt~obviously we love it! What patterns are you using? So that I don’t buy into the hatred of one and do buy into the charm of the other?
    I’m needing to get our littlest into a warm coat~that will be a challenge in and of itself. She is still tiny, and most coat patterns start out at a size 3 she’d swim in even at the age of 5!

  3. 3

    yolanda said,

    I´ve chosen this awsome t-shirt for my kcwc top 10. You can see the post here: http://pandielleando.blogspot.com/2011/10/mis-favoritos-de-kcwc.html
    good job! thanks for sharing!

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