And you thought you didn’t like lima beans.

I’ll bet you’d find that you were wrong.  I’ll bet that, when you cook up fresh, gorgeous beauties like these–lightly steam them, perhaps, toss them in butter and salt–you’d find them to be nothing at all like those gritty, pale green lima posers found in the mix of bagged frozen vegetables.  I’ll bet you’d drop your fork after taking the first bite and look suspiciously at the person who prepared them.  “Lima beans?” you’d say.  “There is no way these are lima beans – these are delicious.  I hate lima beans.” But you’d be wrong.  Perhaps what you really mean, what you’re quickly coming to realize with each passing buttery bite, is that you used to hate lima beans and probably only because they were poorly prepared.  Perhaps from this point on, you’d mark on your calendar that season when lima beans are harvested fresh and hold it in the same esteem as that short-windowed asparagus season.  Perhaps, even, you’d get yourself a seed catalog and eagerly await the order you’ll place to grow your own lovely Christmas Lima beans or the spectacular Scarlet Runner beans, which are eaten in the same manner as limas.

Oh, I hope I’m right.

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  1. 1

    Jean said,

    That is the best (if only) lima bean sales pitch I have ever read. Hmmmm, I bet my kids would eat them because of the color alone!

  2. 3

    Where do you order your seeds from?

  3. 5

    anie said,

    I cooked a very delightful batch of beans about a month ago~I’m hooked! I watched a great you tube video by the author of Heirloom Beans, Steve Sando, and then got to meet him the other day! Heaven!!
    Beans are great with everything~I’m trying to grow some of our own right now…

  4. 6

    We grow french beans every year, and I was just thinking we need something new to grow next year. Maybe we should give lima beans a shot! Are they high maintenance?

  5. 8

    alsmouse said,

    You may have converted me.

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