The Vicarious Farmer: The Kraut King has been summoned.

These cabbages were truly the pride of my garden this year.  Started from seed, grown so big and lovely…the garden is quite lackluster now without them.  Now they patiently wait in the cool of the basement till the Kraut King arrives with his trusty shredder, stone crock, and sack full of salt.  I am waiting for the trumpet blast which never fails to announce his arrival.  Hear, hear:  there shall be kraut for all the kingdom!  Perhaps we should have grown some pork to accompany such a bounty of cabbage.

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  1. 1

    elizabeth said,

    Good stuff. I have a crock, but no one to eat kraut but me and my mother. I married a man of 1/2 Norwegian and 1/2 German heritage, but they totally ignore the German side!

  2. 2

    Heather said,

    Let the pickling season commence with much merriment and rejoicing throughout the land. Best to remember that being overloaded with produce is a blessing, not a curse. Enjoy!

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