The Vicarious Farmer: Totally Wiped Out

We are left with overwhelming weariness from an exceptionally intense weekend.  For Andrew and I, it was the laborious, systematic, uh, transitioning of our broiler chickens from the pasture into our chest freezers.  (If I see one more chicken lung this week, I swear I’m gonna…  141 birds = 282 lungs)  For the kids, the intense weariness was brought on by Fun with Grandma and Grandpa! and Water! and Missing Momma and Daddio! and other activities best expressed with exclamations.  It was a weekend much better enjoyed in retrospect.  Now we rest.  Right in the middle of the filthy floor if we have to.

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  1. 1

    Jeanne said,

    141 chickens? Wow! The most we’ve done at once is 30. And that about wiped us out. Enjoy your restful day.

  2. 3

    Su said,

    Wow, I’ve only done 3 in one session, with my mom when we were little, so I guess I’ve never done one in its entirety. 141 chickens makes hand plucking 3 look pretty easy. A rest well deserved for you all! Love the pic, that just says it all.

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