Looking for investors: Step right up.

Well that was rather melodramatic, how I left the last post and then maintained a radio silence for over a week.  Betcha thought I really did die.  Nope.  Been working up a business plan.  And I’m ready to open the door to some venture capital, to get the ball rolling here and start bringing in the dough.

Barn Glass.

Think sea glass, only sharper, less weathered, more barn-y.  Think there’s a market for it?  The Lovely Ladies and their compatriot roosters have been mining the stuff right outside of their coop for weeks now.  All I have to do is stroll by and collect it.  Each piece sounds a bit like a cash register dinging as it clinks the others in my hand.  Cha-ching!

From my viewpoint as an armchair anthropologist, I’d guess that what we now use as a chicken coop was at one point a plate glass factory.  Or a window storage shed.  Or some other facility in which large amounts of glass were moved around precariously and periodically broken.  I also know that whoever worked there drank beer – and lots of it – both in amber bottles and in those pull-tab cans.  And, I might add, that same amateur anthropologist in me is struck by how much my current-day shadow reads like an Edwardian era lady’s silhouette.  That’s the era of our home’s infancy.  And it’s not too far-fetched to imagine the lady of the house looking something like that.  Spooky. But I digress.

Barn glass.  The uses are infinitesimal, as is the supply.  Wherever a decrepit barn and a handful of chickens coexist, so does an earnings potential the likes of which we’ve never seen.  And it’s a renewable resource, so we can market it as ‘green.’  My first order of business as CEO is to sell a barn glass filter photo app for use with the iPhone.  The thought of it brings me back to photography class and talk of shooting photos through a lens smeared with Vaseline.  Surely the Barn Glass Filter App would rival the Hipstamatic and overtake it as the favorite of hipster bloggers and readers alike.

What a lovely image is cast through the lens of dust and chicken manure and time.  What does your world look like through the skewed beauty of barn glass?  Like money.

So, who wants in?  I guarantee this groundbreaking opportunity won’t be available for long…

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  1. 1

    Spring said,

    So, wait, what you’re telling me is that you live in my house? Because I have a neverending supply of barn glass *and* cheap beer bottles in my yard, too.

    I was wondering who was using up all the hot water. 🙂

    • 2

      Jean said,

      Oh me too! I’ve been collecting beer cans, bottles, and broken glass from my gardens and yard for over 9 years now. Where the hell does it all come from? Yesterday I scratched my ankle on a piece of metal in my own front yard. Huh, how did it get there?

  2. 3

    Jeana said,

    You could make mosaics with it!!!!!

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