Father’s Day Feast

In a celebratory Father’s Day breakfast fit for a Captain, (a Captain Daddio) the very last of the season’s asparagus was bid adieu.

For its final act, it was dressed in prosciutto and surrounded by some of its very best friends:  poached eggs, Bearnaise sauce (which seems to me to be like a Hollandaise but with vinegar and lots of tarragon) and fancy-cut toast.  Sometimes the most important part of meal prep around here is careful attention to marketing.  For this meal, bread was elevated to the status of “butterfly toast” simply by arranging the diagonally-cut quarters carefully on each plate. Bullseye.  Who can resist a special butterfly breakfast?

Not this guy.  Isadora declared it “the best breakfast I ever had,” though she frequently speaks in the superlative when rating meals.  It was a meal that featured both a delicious sauce AND visually-stunning, luminous cured meat that melts on the tongue, so you can bet that I loved it.  And Daddio, the Star of the Day?  He stopped just short of licking the plate.

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    That looks amazing delicious!!!

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