My KCWC so far – lame but practical.

Last night, I made 2 pairs of shorts for The Boy and a skirt for The Girl.  I used only a scissors and a stitch ripper.  What?! you say.  Impossible!

So it would seem, folks, but in this patent-pending technique, I applied my years of sewing experience to cutting the bottoms off of too-short pants and also removed the straps from this brown dress to magically transform it into a (long) skirt.  Lame-o from a creative standpoint, but pretty rockin’ from a nifty-thrifty perspective, don’t you think?  It’s why I haven’t gotten rid of a single pair of too-small pants yet.  I’ve noticed that it’s really the length that changes the most from size to size, so cutting off the bottoms for instant shorts earns me far more mileage on kid pants.  I might even do the same for The Girl, if I can convince myself that she’d wear shorts in an emergency. You know – if there are no clean skirts to choose from.

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  1. 1

    Heather said,

    It works for me. My son just informed me that his jeans are too short. I think they would make fantastic shorts

  2. 3

    Ellen said,

    It is also the perfect solution when they hit about age 4 and the knees of every single pair of pants gets completely blown out in less than 2 weeks time, My son is now 9 and, even still, almost every pair of his shorts were once pants.

  3. 4

    Kris said,

    You may call it lame, but you are still the most creative person I know. And regarding the wearing of skirts, my daughter too wore only skirts for years. Then suddenly she refused to wear them and only wore pants from then on!

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