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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Hopefully when I return I shall be reporting from someplace other than Sick House Central.  Until then, be well!


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Not-to-be-Missed Gift Idea

Land’s End Faux Fur Tails come with a free winter jacket!

Did you know?!?

My children tell me they’re meerkat tails. (we’re big fans of the more-obscure animals)  Whatever the case may be, they’re the perfect addition to your dress-up collection.  And, they come with a free winter jacket.  Imagine!  Clever presentation too, for when they arrive, each tail is securely zipped to the hood of the jacket.  A quick unzip by nimble little hands and the tail is set free and ready for play.  We opted for the matching Mother/Daughter jackets tails and couldn’t be more satisfied. High five, you clever Land’s End folks!



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Let’s not forget about Reverse Applique.

This little sack, happily stuffed to the gills with dirty laundry, is the love child of a single visit to the thrift shop.  That is black linen, Ladies and Gentlemen!  I got a whole whoppin’ pile of it too.  The crewel birds were set free from a dime store 5×7 frame and carefully appliqued to the inside of the black linen, thus qualifying themselves as Reverse Applique.  It’s a technique I love for unstable things like the loose weave linen who don’t take kindly to being cut out, unraveling at the very thought.

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Switch out the buttons and call it good.

Second Installment of handy design + sewing tips:

Don’t underestimate the design power of some good buttons.

From ‘Crusty Old Professor’ to……

…well…less crusty.  I’m shooting for ‘hip’ here.

And ‘Little Mrs. Proper Housewife’ becomes…

…Clever Housewife with a Knowing Smile.

Sweaters provided by Goodwill and Savers, respectively.


Yesterday’s Installment: Tagless size tags

Stay tuned for another gripping episode tomorrow when we return.



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Tagless sizing

The first offering in a week of handy design + sewing tips is………………

….rubber stamped, tagless sizing.

The idea came to me while I was completely immersed in factory-style, long-sleeve tshirt production to bulk up The Girl’s winter wardrobe.  I had on hand a number of those easy-to-find woven size tags, but not nearly enough to properly tag each shirt. Calling my trusty vintage stamp set to the rescue, I pulled out my fabric ink pad and stamped away.  For darker fabrics, where a black stamp would not show up, I thought it would be easy to use white screen printing ink, but my quick and dirty test (read: lazy) didn’t turn out so well.  Perhaps stamping on a lighter piece of fabric and ironing it on would lend better results.

More importantly, if you don’t already have a trusty alpha-numeric stamp set, vintage or otherwise, I’d recommend you run out this very minute and get one.  Or put it on your Wish List if you’re exceedingly disciplined.  I found mine on Ebay.

Join me tomorrow for the next installment of this week’s clever tips, won’t you?

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Post Script: I wasn’t kidding. Also, flashy promo.

This came home in The Girls’s backpack the same day I wrote the last post.  I laughed really hard at the unsolicited affirmation of our new pro-cat sentiments and then ran to get my camera so that I could share it all with you.  It took me a really, really long time to get there, apparently.  No matter – here you go.  I wasn’t kidding.

In other news, I’ve got a big week planned for you clever sewists.  I’m at this very moment collecting a big bag of tricks to share with you, starting on Monday – can’t-live-without techniques that you’ll want to keep in your back pocket.  Rather than offer up tutorials for specific projects, I thought it would be nice to offer up some broad-range design + construction skills that you can apply to whatever you’re working on right now.  Hopefully it can help answer the burning ‘found this really great X, now what do I make with it?’ question you have.

Oh, I promised a flashy promo, you say?  Ok.  Imagine me announcing the preceding paragraph with a megaphone,  jumping up and down, jumping-jack style while I shower you with sparkly silver glitter.  That work? Good.

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